General questions

We are one of the youngest and fastest growing websites in the industry that provides accounts for the game League of Legends. Thanks to this, we are able to overtake our competition. We love progress and we are not stuck 5 years back. We are following the meta. Season 12 is here and we are here to provide the best services we can.

Although we have only been here with you since the 2018, during this time we have served a total of over
4000 customers, 32 000 products and received around 98% positive feedbacks.

Our Discord server is proof of this, on which we have over a thousand customers and positive feedbacks.


Previously, we had a slightly different domain, but we decided to expand our scope and moved to a new domain, with new hosting and a much broader focus.

Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer all our positive reviews, responses and feedbacks for logical reasons, but our Discord server has remained the same.

It’s simple – Actions speak louder than words.

We do not need to repeat to our customers at every step that we are flawless, our products are unrivaled and the best.

That is not our style. We like to prove it – not just talk.

We are not flawless. Nobody is. Others just won’t admit it. There is always room for improvement. That’s why we try to maintain an individual approach to each of our customers and we don’t just play on robots that do their job.

You are the reason we are here ❤️


Our website is secured by a verified and valid TSL security certificate from Mozilla.

At the same time, we are protected against potential attacks by 4 different plugins, whose task is to repel any attempt to compromise the integrity of our website.

Don’t worry, we have it covered.

At the moment, we offer several types of services that you can try.

League of Legends accounts
League of Legends boosting (in progress)
League of Legends coaching (in progress)

All of these categories contain several options to choose from.

Yes and we highly recommend you to join it!

You can get free products, discount codes and important information/updates.
We organize giveaways, trivias and provide fast support via our support rooms!

Discord invitehttps://discord.com/invite/rKBBmyq

There are several ways to contact us:

➔ Live chat (recommended for instant/fast response)
Discord server
Email address (slower response time)

Our Live chat is located in the lower left corner of your screen. Just click on it and you can write!

Our operators are ready to help you as soon as possible.

Imperial customer role

Imperial customer is a special role which grants special benefits:

➔ Permanent 15% discount for all products
➔ 25% longer product warranty
Special color on our Discord server
Possibility to know updates in advance
Special rooms for Imperial customers

You must spend at least 100€ in our shop

You must be our customer for at least 1 year and be joined on our Discord server at the same time.

There are 2 options:
➔ Contact our Live chat
➔ Create a support ticket on our Discord server

Payment methods

You can use a large number of payment methods on our website. We try to satisfy everyone!

Currently available payment methods:
➔ Credit Card
➔ PayPal

➔ Cryptocurrencies
➔ Giropay
➔ Sofort

… and more!

You may want to pay by a payment method that we do not have built-in directly on our website.
In that case, contact us either via Live chat, Contact form or on our Discord server.
We will do our best to find a solution for you.

You may live in a country with a different currency than ours.

But it doesn’t matter at all!

Our payment system doesn’t mind any currency. Simply pay and the rest will be done for you.

All customers have the same price.
The amount withdrawn will always be converted using the current exchange rates between currencies.

Buying accounts

Yes, definitely!

The main part of our success is selling high quality accounts for the game League of Legends.

We support all major regions:
➔ Europe West (EUW)
➔ Europe Nordic & East (EUNE)
➔ North America (NA)
➔ Latin America North (LAN)
➔ Latin America South (LAS)
➔ Oceania (OCE)
➔ Turkey (TR)
➔ Russia (RU)

All our Unverified Accounts have an unverified email address that is completely changeable, including the account’s password.

All of these accounts are created using our private software, which maintain maximum integrity.

You are the only owner of the account.

We offer several categories from which you can choose.

All our unverified accounts contain:
➔ Level 30+
➔ Unverified email address (fully changeable to yours)
➔ Fully changeable password
➔ 40 000 / 50 000 / 60 000 / 70 000 Blue essence (it depends on the category you choose)
➔ Unranked (never ranked before)
➔ Fresh MMR
➔ Clean friend list

Yes! All our accounts have unverified email address, so you can change it to yours.

After that, you can also change your password as many times as you want.

Great news! Since all our accounts have at least 40 000 Blue essence, you can buy necessary 20 champions to play ranked games and even change your nickname for the rest of it!

Yes! All our accounts are at least LVL 30 and contain more than enough Blue essence to purchase many champions. Remember though! You need at least 20 champions in order to play ranked games!

Our delivery is instant, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

In case of any problems, don’t forget to contact us.

After you successfully complete your order, your account should arrive to your email address within a few moments.

Our automatic system works 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about it.

Don’t forget to check the spam folder as well.

We provide a 14 day warranty and a free replacement of botted accounts in the following cases:
➔ Account has been banned for botting
➔ Account has a leaver buster (the account must be intact and you can’t play any games on it)
➔ It’s not possible to log in to the account immediately after the purchase

We provide a 60 days warranty and free replacement of handlevelled accounts in the following cases:
➔ Account has been banned right after the purchase (the account must be intact and you can’t play any games on it)
➔ Account has a leaver buster (the account must be intact and you can’t play any games on it)
➔ It’s not possible to log in to the account immediately after the purchase
➔ If any handlevelled account purchased through us is banned because of any defect or fault of our own

Any attempt to misuse/abuse this system will result in your information being blacklisted and permanently banned from our website and Discord server.

You expected us to say no, didn’t you? Actually, yes, you can!

If you join to our Discord server, you can participate in giveaways for free accounts, 100% discounts and more!

Also, maybe… sometimes… there could be… something… on our website… that could… mean… oh… we shouldn’t…